Almost all Rayven Services’ customers are given two sets of colour coded knives (number and selection of their choice) on a loan/rental system at no charge. These sets are then rotated every two or four weeks, depending on the frequency of use, and the customer is charged per knife for each rotation. There is no capital outlay and the costs work out from approx. 50c to R1.00 per day, affordable by any large or small business.

We are now also able to sharpen knives, slicer blades and mixer blades as well as numerous other types of tools and scissors for retail  customers from our  shop in Observatory, Cape Town and the workshop in Bryanston.

Accessories include industrial Tin Openers, Steels and Magnetic Racks. With over 500 customers in total, Rayven Services is constantly looking to add complimentary products and services to our range.

The next step in the national growth of the business is the establishment of an outlet in the KZN region and the investigation process is currently in hand and will hopefully become a reality in the near future.