Rayven Services


Restaurants, Caterers, Food Processors, Fabric Cutters, Gardeners and the Domestic market. These include all types of prepared food retailers, contract & event caterers, hotels, butchers, fisheries, fish factories, food processors, poultry processors, scissors or tool users and, last but not least, Master Chefs at home. We are now also able to sharpen knives, slicer blades and mixer blades as well as numerous other types of tools and scissors from our shop in Observatory, Cape Town and the workshop in Bryanston, Gauteng.

Business Customers

Rayven Services’ regular business customers are given two sets of colour coded knives (number and selection of their choice) on a loan/rental system at no charge. These sets are then rotated every two or four weeks, depending on the frequency of use, and the customer is charged per knife for each rotation. There is no capital outlay and the costs are affordable by any large or small business.

With around 800 customers in total, Rayven Services is constantly looking to add complimentary products and services to our range.

Private Customers

Private customers are welcome to deliver their items that need sharpening to our premises (see CONTACT US) with a turnaround time of two hours to a maximum of 24 hours depending on our production requirements.